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Click and Buy – perfect choice for casino gambling

ClickandBuy is an online financial system that allows you to store money online with a ClickandBuy account, or you can use this service to make or collect payments. Their number is currently limited, but there are many advantages to visiting an online casino that supports ClickandBuy. Read on to see why this is the best ewallet system for online casinos.

Easy Money Transfers

Casinos are supposed to make the flow of money easy. You want to use money to play the games, and you want to quickly collect the money when you win. Many online casinos force you to use credit and debit cards to add money to your account, and you might be restricted to cheques and other slow payment methods when you win.

Entering your card information whenever you want to add money is a pain. Many people have even stopped playing at online casinos because it’s just inconvenient. It can also take days or weeks before you get your payment if the casino online offers cheques.

ClickandBuy makes everything easy. You sign in, select how much money you want to pay and the payment is done. Collecting money is even easier. The money will be instantly transferred to your account when you win. This means that you can withdraw your earnings in seconds.

Credit Card Security

While it is more convenient to just sign into your ClickandBuy account, you can add money to your casino account by using a debit or credit card through ClickandBuy. The biggest benefit to using their system for card purchases is security. Most online casinos use encryption to keep your card safe, but ClickandBuy adds another layer of encryption over the purchase. This further ensures your safety, and greatly reduces the chance of a hacker discovering your information.

Mobile Payments and Deposits

Many online casinos are going mobile, and you can join them with ClickandBuy. If you are using a smartphone, then chances are that you are in public. Taking out your credit card in public just seems like a bad idea, but you don’t have to expose your sensitive information if you use ClickandBuy.

You just need to enter your password to make a purchase through your smartphone. It’s very secure, and you can get back to playing the games on your smartphone without worrying about someone stealing your information.

Spending Limit

Are you worried about spending too much money at an online casino? Many people don’t realize how much money they spent until they get the bill, but you will never have to worry about this when you use ClickandBuy. You can easily set a daily spending limit that will keep you from using money that you really can’t afford to use.

ATM Card

If you just won the jackpot, then you don’t want to wait for the money to go from your ewallet to your bank account. This can take several days, and you will spend every hour checking your bank account until the money finally deposits.

You won’t have to do all the waiting if you choose ClickandBuy. You can apply for an ATM card through their website. If you are accepted, then you can easily withdraw money at any ATM. You can have all of your winnings within seconds, and you can even use this card for regular purchases whether on desktop or mobile.